What is a military status verification?

What is a military status verification?

A military status verification is a method that requires proof of whether a person is active or not on military duty. This verification is required by the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA). SCRA provides certain benefits and protective measures to those service members that are either currently active on duty or have recently retired. The goal of the Act is to allow both men and women to be active on duty without worrying about issues like foreclosure, default judgments, or eviction. To achieve this goal, the SCRA instructs creditors to conduct a military status verification. This verification proves that the creditor has done his or her due diligence in the effort or trying to protect the debtor’s rights.

Military service verification can be done using the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC). This would tell you if a person is currently serving in the military or not. More information here.

What is a military status verification for?

In courts, before entering a default judgment, the judge, on most occasions, requires the plaintiff to submit a military affidavit. In this affidavit, the plaintiff swears that they have done the military status verification and that he or she is not on active military duty. As SCRA is a federal statute, in cases where the plaintiff tries to escape the military affidavit, they would have to face severe penalties. If the affidavit lacks certain required information or it seems that the results are not guaranteed, the judge is likely to reject the affidavit.

Comparing the DMDC with SCRACVS

To achieve military status verification for either court purposes or to comply with SCRA, there are two ways. One is using DMDC, and the other is to rely on the Servicemembers Civil Reliefs Act.

The DMDC is a free service bu could end up being a costly one in the long run. This method requires you to have access to the authentic social security number, but usually, this tends to be a difficult task because by the time litigation has started, it gets quite difficult to obtain the social security number as compared to SCRA, the DMDC has a low level of authenticity and value when it comes to matters concerning court proceedings.

When it comes to SCRA, it acts as a much easy source becomes it doest mot require any social security number and also ensures that the courts would accept their findings.

Lawsuits and government enforcement actions on SCRA are increasing rapidly with record-setting judgments. Therefore, it shall be ensured that the method you are using for military verification is effective, secure, and precise. It can be concluded that SCRA is the much preferable choice in this area.