How Much Does It Cost to Leave Your Car at Wellington Airport?

Wellington Airport is one of the most prominent airports in New Zealand. It was formerly known as Rongotai Airport as it is located in the area of Rongotai in Wellington. Wellington is the capital of New Zealand. As a result, Wellington Airport is naturally one of the busiest airports in all of New Zealand. To be precise, it is the third busiest airport in New Zealand after the airports in Auckland and Christchurch. It is located nearly 5.5 kilometres from the centre of the city. Various airlines such as Air New Zealand operate from here. Area-wise, it is based on land spanning an area of 270 acres on land called Rongotai-isthmus. If you are planning to visit Wellington Airport for any reason, you need to be aware of the parking scene there. The following is an overview of the Wellington Airport parking rates as well as types.


Parking is an area of monumental importance for anyone who visits this place on their source of transport. The parking in Wellington Airport has been designed to maximise the utility of the visitors of each kind. For a better understanding, the overall parking of Wellington Airport is divided into various further sections. 

Covered Parking

Covered parking is located at the level 1-7 of the newly constructed car parking building here at Wellington Airport. You can get protection against the weather by parking here. One of it’s best features is that the covered parking area is adjacent to the main terminal building. However, there is a height restriction of 2.1 meters here as well. The charges of parking are free for 0-10 minutes. However, for 10-14 minutes, the costs become $3.50. For 15-29 minutes, the charges are $8.

Similarly, there is an upward trend of charging prices for parking as time passes. However, once two hours have passed, you will be billed $4.5 then every hour. Moreover, if a full day passes, you will be charged $42 per day at that point onwards.

Uncovered Parking

It is the most popularly used parking service by those who visit Wellington Airport. It is towards the Southern end of the terminal. Visitors can reach the main terminal within 5 minutes from here. The parking here is free for up to 10 minutes. For 10-14 minutes, you will be charged $2. For a stay of 15-29 minutes, your parking charges will be $6. The fees increase every 15 minutes. After two hours, the costs become $3.50 per hour, and if a day passes, you are charged $34 per day from then on.

Long-term Parking

If you are running a tight ship budget-wise but also have to keep your car at the airport, this is the option for you. It is located towards the end of the Freight Drive. It takes nearly 10-15 minutes for the passengers to get to the main terminal from here via a shuttle service. The rate of 0.1 days is $29. For 1-2 days, it is $55. For 2-3 days, it is $65, and as the number of days increases, there is an addition of a further $10 per day till the 9th day. After the 9th day, there is an additional charge of $5 per day.

These are the prices that Wellington Airport charge for their parking services.