Can You Get Banned for Buying Followers?

Can You Get Banned for Buying Followers?

Social media has influenced a lot of people from all kinds of age groups. People have been obsessing over the perfect status or the best picture to post for their followers. People have been visiting unusual places, trying out exotic food just to get more attention. Although social media has many positive sides, there are also downsides to using these apps.

For one thing, the more extravagant you can get, the more likes and followers you’ll have. These stunts can get out of hand and people would not even care. Some posts depict violence, racism and other forms of negativity and people are using these platforms to show aggression and insensitivity. Who would have thought there are a lot of angry teens and adults in this world?
Also, by showing these extreme places, things and activities, people get insecure and start to develop self – doubt, anxiety and even depression. Yes, these are all because of what people are seeing on social media as far as it is well known ever to a number of people.

There are people who would love to be famous for their idols were once just Instagram nobody’s and now own their pages, channels and businesses. With these influencers to look up to, their followers would want to have the same things and think that it’s achievable. Yes, it can be achievable but in the right way.

Buying Followers: The Right Way?

Have you seen ads on social media that tell you to buy Instagram followers? Have you seen some people being on Instagram for just a few days and instantly gain hundreds and thousands of followers overnight? Lots of them are instagramers that want to reach a certain amount of targeted Instagram followers to kick start their fame. This is frowned upon and is mentioned in the terms and conditions on Instagram.

Instagram set these terms so they know who the real users are. There are spammers and scammers that can do damage to Instagram users and the app itself. The protection of the user’s identity is also considered here because you can easily make an account without the proper verifications. If a person gets copied, they might sue the management for something they cannot control.

These followers are fake and against the terms and conditions of the company. There are enough warnings about this fake advertisement and you should be careful about entertaining them. It is for your own safety that these policies are made and by not following them will get your account banned from using Instagram.

Not only Instagram, but other social media apps also have the same policies for user protection.

There’s nothing wrong with following these set of rules. Allowing yourself to fall for these scams and lies can not only get your accounts banned but you could also pay for fines and your money will just go to something unnecessary.
Always be careful and make sure that your private details are safe from the eyes of everyone. Keep your identity safe and your account secured and verified.